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Lecture outline for “Recalling Cinderella” 1. “Recalling Cinderella” as a story of debates over the meaning of key words: the definition of “family,” of “perfection,” and of “flaw,” for instance. These definitions are literally a matter of life and death for the characters. 2. The multiple meanings of “recall” in the title 3. Re-telling the Cinderella fairy tale 4. What has Fowler kept and what has she changed from the original version of “Cinderella”? 5. To understand how Raina comes to her final decision at the story’s conclusion, analyze her language closely as she analyzes the doctor’s family. 6. This is a story where characters rarely say what they mean outright. They lie, pretend, and conceal things in their speech. Raina herself often uses strategies of irony or sarcasm. Or she juxtaposes two statements, and then lets the reader infer her underlying meaning. 7. What is the environment in which Raina finds herself? How does she describe it?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Where are the men? 9. Would Haraway admire the new social order of this women-dominated society? 10. Rainas descriptions of Dr. Margarets need for control. 11. According to Raina, what meaning of family has the doctor created? 12. Raina desires a different type of family. 13. Rainas past: something remembered or something created? 14. How do the descriptions of her memory change, and why? 15. Two interpretations of the storys conclusion: A. Raina is a successful rebel! Shes the ultimate infecting organism (114) that has invaded and destroyed the doctors environment, and she will create a wholly new definition of family. B. Laura is correct: Raina is Dr. Margarets perfect little daughter (110). Raina has learned far too well all the lessons about life and family taught by the humans around her....
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