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Adrienne Rich study guide Rich was born in 1929. Some of the writers who influenced her were Emily Dickinson, Mary Wollstonecraft, H.D., Dylan Thomas, Robert Frost, and Wallace Stevens, Her early poetry books include: A Change of World (1951) W.H. Auden chose this volume of poems for the Yale Younger Poets Award. Rich moves progressively away from the formal meters and rhyme of many of her early poems to more experimental free verse lines in later texts. The Diamond Cutters and Other Poems (1955) Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law (1963) Necessities of Life (1966) Leaflets (1969) The Will to Change (1971) Diving into the Wreck (1973) The Dream of a Common Language (1978) Rich is famous for her scrutiny of both gender stereotypes and heterosexual norms. Haraway might be suspicious of Rich’s “dream of” finding “a common language” to express women’s experience, but she also admits, in Note 24 of “A Cyborg Manifesto,” that a poet such as Rich is “very complex” (247). Let’s look at how Rich’s poetic style in “Planetarium” might embody some of the cyborg strategies of irony, blasphemy, and heteroglossia that Haraway advocates. “Planetarium” The Norton edition’s notes by Al and Barbara Gelpi here are very helpful. As they suggest, the poem begins with the speaker thinking about the history of Caroline Herschel, a woman astronomer (born in 1750) who worked during a time period when astronomy was not a field
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Planetarium study guide - Adrienne Rich study guide Rich...

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