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Sepulchre of Songs lecture outline

Sepulchre of Songs lecture outline - E Interpretations of...

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“A Sepulchre of Songs” lecture outline I. Vocabulary terms: sex versus gender II. Elaine and Anansa: the exchange between a physically impaired young human woman and an alien cyborg III. Reading the text as a story about storytelling IV. The stories Card alludes to: A. Biblical stories B. Fairy tales C. Courtly love conventions in Petrarchan sonnets; the blazon (vocabulary term) D. Arthurian legends E. The story of American medical history: gender roles for doctor and patient F. Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” V. The therapist’s language A. “I” versus “she” B. Elaine as object, not subject C. Getting his story into print D. The significance of the story’s blazons
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Unformatted text preview: E. Interpretations of the last sentence F. Cards focus is less on the new cyborg than on those left behind VI. Donna Haraway and others: seeing cyborg stories not as loss, or compensation for loss, but as exploration of new possibilities. VII. What if one imagined a new ending? The adventures of Elaine as cyborg, or perhaps a joining of Elaine and Anansa? VIII. Elaine/Anansas language A. The new Elaine may no longer need a prince. B. Elaine telling Anansas story almost persuades the therapist C. He tries to qualify her statements and censor her reading D. Anansa as successful Creator? E. Anansas songs that create forward movement...
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