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invisible man 285 outline - Invisible Man Ralph Ellisons...

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Invisible Man Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man , published in full in 1952, describes a young African American man’s education about racism against (and sometimes within) black communities in both the South and the North. The protagonist never tells us his name, simply calling himself “Invisible Man,” because he argues that white Americans “refuse to see [him]” for what he is (3). Instead, they see only a monster, “a figure in a nightmare” (4), or they ignore him until he provokes their reaction. In earlier chapters, he talks about his childhood in a Southern town, where he is ridiculed and hurt in a brutal performance put on for the town’s leading white citizens. He and other African American students are ordered to fight each other blindfolded, in a ring, and then to grab fake gold coins from an electrified rug. The white men finally give him “a scholarship to the state college for Negroes” (32), but warn him that “you’ve got to know your place at all times” (31). Invisible Man is expelled from the college for taking a white trustee (Mr. Norton) to a poor neighborhood (“Trueblood’s cabin”) and a disreputable bar (“the Golden Day”)—i.e., for not showing the trustee only genteel neighborhoods. The ex-student then comes to New York
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invisible man 285 outline - Invisible Man Ralph Ellisons...

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