Unit II Exam Guide[2]

Unit II Exam Guide[2] - History 102 European Civilization...

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History 102: European Civilization in the Modern Era Unit II Examination Study Guide The make-up examination for Unit II is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26. It will cover all assigned readings from Chapter 21-24 and the primary source documents in Blackboard and My History Lab. By now, you should already have brought 3 blank bluebooks to your discussion leader. Please remember to pace yourself during the exam; do not get bogged down on one section and neglect the other parts of the test, especially the essay. The exam is worth 150 out of a total 1000 possible points for the term. My History Lab contains a number of study aids related to each chapter, including a Study Plan and Assessment; document, comparative study, and map exercises; flashcards with identifications; a study guide; and powerpoint review tools. Those of you ambitious enough to work through all of these exercises will have an excellent command of the material and I encourage you to use the website in studying for the exam. The exam consists of the following parts, recommended time divisions, and point totals: I. Identifications (3 @ 10 Points each = 30 Points; ca. 15 Minutes) The identifications will be drawn from the "key terms/figures/concepts" listed on the outline for each lecture as well as the authors, maps, and readings assigned for discussion sections You will be asked to choose three (3) terms from a list of approximately five (5) identifications. You should be able to provide basic information for each ID including, where appropriate, who or what the term is, when
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Unit II Exam Guide[2] - History 102 European Civilization...

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