Europe in the Cold War

Europe in the Cold - B The Triumph of Democracy in Europe C “Coca-Colonization” and American Influence D A Third Way Social Democracy and the

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History 102: Final Lecture East versus West: Europe during the Cold War Kitchen Debate NATO Warsaw Pact Nikita Khrushchev Sputnik Prague Spring Social Democracy Christian Democracy European Economic Community Gaullism Euro-Islam (Chapter 29) Jacques Derrida (Chapter 29) I. Eastern Europe: From Consolidation to Stagnation (see Chapter 28) II. Western Europe: Consensus, Consumption, and Culture A. The European Economic Community
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Unformatted text preview: B. The Triumph of Democracy in Europe C. “Coca-Colonization” and American Influence D. A Third Way? Social Democracy and the Development of Welfare States E. Art and Culture in an Age of Affluence F. Immigration and Ethnic Diversity: Toward a Multi-Cultural Europe? III. Into the Postmodern Era: Philosophy and Politics of Deconstruction...
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