Lec _7 -- Feb. 3 (Napoleon)

Lec _7 -- Feb. 3 (Napoleon) - Aug. 1793-July 1794 II....

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History 102: Revolutionary Culture and the Rise of Napoleon, 1793-1815 KEY TERMS: Jacobins Sans-culottes Georges-Jacques Danton Committee of Public Safety Cult of the Supreme Being Plebiscite Concordat (1801) Napoleonic or Civil Code (1804) Congress of Vienna LECTURE OUTLINE: I. Revolutionary Government and the Reign of Terror:
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Unformatted text preview: Aug. 1793-July 1794 II. Thermidorian Reaction and the Directory: 1794-1799 III. Napoleons Rise to Power: The Coup dEtat of 1799 IV. The Rise and Fall of Napoleons European Empire V. Napoleon: Destroyer or Preserver of the Revolution?...
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