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Lec _5 -- Jan. 27 (French Rev)

Lec _5 -- Jan. 27 (French Rev) - Phase II The French...

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History 102 The French Revolution Lecture Terms, Concepts, and People: Estates General (Last Convened 1614) First: Clergy Second: Nobility Third: Bourgeoisie, Peasants, Artisans – “The People” Storming of the Bastille Abbé Emmanuel Sieyès Tennis Court Oath Olympe de Gouges Maximilien Robespierre Lecture Outline: I. Phases of the French Revolution Phase I: Constitutional Monarchy: June 1789-Aug. 1792
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Unformatted text preview: Phase II: The French Republic: Aug. 1792-Aug. 1793 Phase III: Revolutionary Government and the Terror: Aug. 1793-July 1794 Phase IV: Thermidorian Reaction and the Directory: 1794-1799 II. The Causes of the Revolution III. The End of Royal Absolutism and the Old Regime: Aug. 1789-Oct. 1791 IV. The French Republic: Aug. 1792-Aug. 1793...
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