bio-lit riview 2 - there was the starch test where you had...

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Zoe Markaj September 13, 2010 Literature Review BS110L Biological Molecules Throughout my research I came across an experiment that was called the “Identification of Biological Molecules”. This experiment probably caught my eye because its title was similar to the lab exercise we would be doing this week in class. However, this lab was conducted to perform several different chemical tests on biological molecules , such as carbohydrates, sugars, acids and proteins. In the experiment the molecules used were different types of fruits. With the test being preformed, they helped you to distinguish the presence of molecules and macromolecules. In this lab you were required to do a sugar test, which in this test you had to identify the positive and negative controls. Next
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Unformatted text preview: there was the starch test, where you had test each molecule for starch and which molecule contained the most starch had to be recorded as well. After that was complete, you were required to test for protein in each molecules by following the steps under the title proteins. In this part of the experiment, you also had to test for amino acids. Then finally you had to test some unknown molecules that were provided in the lab. After completing each test and recording your results, you were to collaborate with your classmates and compare results with each other. Once that part was complete, you were to write a conclusions of what you learned, discovered and the answer to any questions you my have had before starting the experiment....
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bio-lit riview 2 - there was the starch test where you had...

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