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Chapters 17 - 20 (Student) 1 Thinking About Chance Chance behavior is unpredictable in the short run but has a regular and predictable pattern in the long run. This is the basis for the idea of probability. Randomness and Probability A phenomenon is random if individual outcomes are uncertain but there is a regular distribution of outcomes in a large number of repetitions. The probability of any outcome of a random phenomenon is a number between 0 and 1 that describes the proportion of times the outcome would occur in a very long series of repetitions. An impossible outcomes has probability of 0. A certain outcome has probability of 1. Types of Probability An event refers to a collection of outcomes. Experimental Probability – proportion of occurrences of a particular event when an experiment is repeated several times. Theoretical Probability – For equally likely outcomes, outcomes possible of # occur can event the ways of # ) ( = event P
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