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1960 1980 1700s-1800s Classic School Becarria & Bentham 1800s-1900s Positivist School Lombroso 1920s – 1940s Psychoanalysis Freud Social Disorganization Shaw & McKay 1942 Social Learning Akers 1966 1970 2000 Social Bond Hirschi 1969 1990 Self-Control 1990 Gottfredson & Hirschi Life-Course Early/mid 1990s General Strain
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Unformatted text preview: Agnew 1992 Routine Activities Cohen & Felson 1978 Beginning around 1970s Neuve Classic Deterrence Differential Association Sutherland 1947 1950 1950s – 1970s Behaviorism Skinner, Bandura Anomie/Strain Merton 1938 1940 1900 Control theories Learning Theories Strain Theories Choice/Opportunity Theories...
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