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Stockholders’ Equity Chapter 9 Learning Objective 1 Explain the features of a corporation Characteristics of a Corporation Organizing a Corporation 0. Incorporators 0. Organize the corporation 1. Pay fees 2. Sign charter 3. File documents with the state 4. Agree to bylaws Authority Structure in a Corporation Stockholders’ Rights 1. Vote at stockholder meetings 2. Receive dividends 3. Receive share if corporation liquidates 4. Maintain proportionate ownership 5. Preemptive right Parts of Stockholders’ Equity 5. Paid-in capital 6. Represents amounts contributed by stockholders 7. Include stock accounts 6. Retained earnings 8. Amounts earned and kept by the corporation Classes of Stock Common 0. Basic form of common stock 1. Have rights of ownership 2. Benefit most of company succeeds 3. Risk most if company does not succeed Classes of Stock Par value
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4. Arbitrary amount assigned to share of stock 5. In most states, represents minimum price for shares 0. Legal capital Learning Objective 2 Account for the issuance of stock Issuing Common Stock at Par 6. A company issues 100,000 shares of $5 par value common stock at par 7. The common stock account is always credited in the amount of the shares issued multiplied by par value Issuing Common Stock Above Par 8. A company issues $100,000 shares of $5 par value stock for $12 per share 9. The amount above par is credited to Paid-in Capital in Excess of Par Issuing Common Stock for Noncash Assets 0. Assets recorded at their fair values 1. Common stock and paid-in capital credited accordingly
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1 - Stockholders Equity Chapter 9 Learning Objective 1...

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