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Relationships of Financial Statements Net Income (bottom line of Income Statement) flows to Statement of Retained Earnings Ending Retained Earnings flows to Balance Sheet Cash balance from Balance Sheet flows Statement of Cash Flows Financial Statements should be prepared in order since the amount on one statement flows the next E1-19 a) Common stock Balance Sheet b) Income tax payable Balance Sheet c) Dividends Statement of Retained Earnings d) Income tax expense Income Statement e) Ending balance of Retained Earnings Statement of Retained Earnings AND Balance Sheet f) Total assets
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Unformatted text preview: Balance Sheet • g) Long-term debt _____________________ • h) Revenue Income Statement • i) Cash spent to acquire the building Statement of Cash Flows • j) Selling, general and administrative expenses Income Statement • k) Adjustment to reconcile net income to cash provided by operating activities Statement of Cash Flows • l) Ending cash balance Balance Sheet AND Statement of Cash Flows • m) Current liabilities Balance Sheet • n) Net Income __________________________ AND ____________________________...
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