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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Best mousetrap for the mousetrap car Background : This experiment is done to choose the best mousetrap for the mousetrap- car contest. To do so, we want to pick the mousetrap that can store the most amount of torsional energy. We take several mousetraps and measure the force required to twist the spring as a function of angle of rotation (Figure 1). Torque T is calculated using the measured lever moment arm, that is T = F L (1) where, F = Force applied (N) L = Moment arm (m) The relationship between the torque T applied and the angle θ of the rotation of the spring rotation is assumed to be a straight line θ k k T 1 0 + = (2) Figure 1. Twisting the mousetrap spring experiment Using regression, the constants of the linear model in Equation (2) are found. What you will do in the lab : Choose three mousetraps of your choice. Take a mousetrap and note its name on your data sheet. Put the spring scale on the string as shown. Hold the mousetrap platform firmly and pull the string with the scale.
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