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Secant Method of Solving a Nonlinear Equation – More Examples Chemical Engineering Example 1 You have a spherical storage tank containing oil. The tank has a diameter of 6 ft. You are asked to calculate the height h to which a dipstick 8 ft long would be wet with oil when immersed in the tank when it contains of oil. 3 ft 4 h r Spherical Storage Tank Dipstick Figure 1 Spherical storage tank problem. The equation that gives the height h of the liquid in the spherical tank for the given volume and radius is given by  0 8197 . 3 9 2 3 h h h f Use the secant method of finding roots of equations to find the height h to which the dipstick is wet with oil. Conduct three iterations to estimate the root of the above equation. Find the absolute relative approximate error at the end of each iteration and the number of significant digits at least correct at the end of each iteration. 03.05.1
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mws_che_nle_txt_secant_examples - Chapter 03.05 Secant...

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