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Unformatted text preview: 08.02.1 Chapter 08.02 Eulers Method for Ordinary Differential Equations- More Examples Computer Engineering Example 1 A rectifier-based power supply requires a capacitor to temporarily store power when the rectified waveform from the AC source drops below the target voltage. To properly size this capacitor a first-order ordinary differential equation must be solved. For a particular power supply, with a capacitor of F 150 , the ordinary differential equation to be solved is , 04 . 2 120 cos 18 max 1 . 10 150 1 6 t v t dt t dv ) ( v Using Eulers method, find the voltage across the capacitor at s 00004 . t . Use step size s 0.00002 h . Solution , 04 ....
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mws_com_ode_txt_euler_Examples - 08.02.1 Chapter 08.02...

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