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04.06.1 Chapter 04.06 Gaussian Elimination – More Examples Computer Engineering Example 1 To infer the surface shape of an object from images taken of a surface from three different directions, one needs to solve the following set of equations. = 239 248 247 9428 . 0 2357 . 0 2357 . 0 9701 . 0 2425 . 0 0 9701 . 0 0 2425 . 0 3 2 1 x x x The right hand side values are the light intensities from the middle of the images, while the coefficient matrix is dependent on the light source directions with respect to the camera. The unknowns are the incident intensities that will determine the shape of the object. Find the values of 1 x , 2 x , and 3 x using naïve Gauss elimination. Solution Forward Elimination of Unknowns Since there are three equations, there will be two steps of forward elimination of unknowns. First step
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mws_com_sle_txt_gaussian_examples - Chapter 04.06 Gaussian...

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