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Copernican Revolution Circum-polar – all stars are circum polar, never shifting because we are looking at them parallel None are circum-polar on the equator If someone was standing away from the poles, the stars would appear to move perpendicular, up and down, the night sky Seasons o In December, overhead at midnight, Orion is overhead o In March, Orion is overhead at Sunset Seeing it 6 hours earlier than you would in December Made a slow progression 4(min/day) earlier o Stars shift to earlier by 4 minutes/day o Cause for seasons
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Unformatted text preview: The seasons are a consequence of the tilt of Earths axis of rotation (23.5 degrees from perpendicular to the Earths orbital plane) Can tell because the day changes length o Even though sun shines longer in the south pole, still not very warm because this is less heating per unit area of the ground if the is low i.e. the sunlight is less direct, light spread out over a bigger area Old Ideas of the Universe o Stars on a fixed sphere o Moon and planets on spheres that rotated around the moon...
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