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Special Assignment (1% of overall grade for each of the three quizzes) Summer 2011 EML3041 Computational Methods 1. The quizzes are under Assignments on Blackboard. 2. Be sure to block a couple of hours to take each quiz. 3. How to take a quiz: a. Although the quiz is graded online, you will be submitting handwritten complete solutions also for a grade. You need to submit handwritten solutions only for the first attempt of each quiz. Work out each question on a fresh sheet of blank paper. Writing in columns, illegible handwriting, writing on both sides of the paper, will decrease your grade considerably. b. Enter the obtained answer on Blackboard after each question, and save the answer . This way Blackboard will not consider you being inactive for too long, and also if you accidently close the browser, your work is saved. c. Once you submit a quiz for the first time , click on My Grades, and you will see the screen below.
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d. Click on the grade link for the quiz you just took, and you will see a screen like the one
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Special_Assignment_endless_quiz - Special Assignment(1 of...

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