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volume_of_glass_materials - About $40 or so for about six...

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http://numericalmethods.eng.usf.edu/experiments Volume of the Glass Experiment – Materials What materials do you need; where do I buy it; how much do the materials costs? 1. Champagne Glasses: These glasses, called the Hurricane Plastic Glasses, are available at www.poolsidepineapple.com , part nos. HUR-105, HUR-106, YAR-114. We used glasses made of plastic to avoid breakage. http:/www.poolsidepineapple.com/cart_pages/shopping%20page %20tropical.htm . You can try other places to buy the champagne glasses.
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Unformatted text preview: About $40 or so for about six pieces including S&H. 2. Graduated Cylinder: The graduated cylinder is available at http://scientificsonline.com/ , part number 3036286. The cost of the cylinder is $20+S&H. 3. Vernier Caliper: The caliper is available at http://www.mcmaster.com part number 20265A49. The cost of the vernier caliper is $60+S&H. 4. Scale: Need to buy a thin scale for this. Any art-supplies store for $2 or so....
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