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auto - Steam-Powered(Automobiles Newton Verbiest(1681...

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Unformatted text preview: Steam-Powered (Automobiles?) Newton Verbiest (1681) AUTOMOBILES Cugnot (1769) “Father Of The Automobile ?” u Definitions t Petrol As Fuel t Production u Gottlieb Daimler, 1885 t Best Engines u Karl Benz, 1885 u Siegfried Marcus, 1875 u Henry Ford, 1903 Siegfried Markus 1875 Petrol Driven u Four Wheels u Steering u Viennese Police Objected To Noise u No Future Development u No Patent u u Gottlieb Daimler u u 1886 (Shown) 1883 To 1885 Karl Benz u t Five Months After Daimler t Petrol Engines t First, Two Wheels u t Then, Four Wheels u u Cannstatt To Esslingen t 11 mph - 1.5 hp Patent - 1885 u Company - 1899 u 1885 Three Wheels Single Cylinder - 0.9 hp u Also Patented u Mannheim to Pforzheim t Berta Benz Drove t Started & Stopped t Cleaned Plugs t Oil Squirted t Trans. Belt Slipped 1 PanhardPanhard -Levassor & Fiat u PanhardPanhard - Levassor (1890) Peugeot u t License From Daimler t Bought Engines From Daimler u First Fiat Car (1899) t Two Cylinder t Horizontally Opposed Madame Sarazin Armand Peugeot 1896 (shown) u 1899 u u t Two Cylinder t 1.65 hp Renault Mercedes 1899 Enclosed Carriage u Fenders u Windshield u Cardanic Drive Transmission u u First (1900) u Ford Motor Co. Ford Motor Co. Model “T” (Shown) u First Year - 1908 u Production u u Henry Ford Horseless Carriage u 1903 (Shown) u t 1908 - 19,000 t By 1920 - 1,250,000 t 1896 t By 1927 - 15,000,000 t Only VW Beetle Surpasses t Dearborn, MI t 600 Cars Per Year t Mass Production ? t Interchangeable Parts? w u Europe Adopted Mass Production t 1919 - Citroen Type “A” 2 Advancements Brakes - George Labchester (1901) u Electric Ignition - Robert Bosch (1897) u Pneumatic Tires Advancements u Disc t John Boyd Dunlop - Son’s Tricycle (1888) t R.W. Thompson - Horse Drawn Carriage (1845) t Michelin (1894/95) u England - Little Or No Development t Red Flag Act (1865-78) - Slowed Development t 4 mph Limit t Repealed 1898 - Brighton Veteran Car Run u Charles Rolls & Henry Royce t “Silver Ghost” (1907) t 50 hp t “Finest Car In World” u Electric Starting & Lights t Austro-Daimler (1911) Austro-Daimler t Cadillac (1912) u Hydraulic u Full Brakes - Duesenberg (1920) Hydraulics - Citroen (1955) Japanese u England t Herbert Austin - “Baby Austin” 7 t 1931 u Datsun Manufactured “Baby Austin” t 1935 t Under License t Nippon Steel Co. w u Largest In World t 7 Million Per Year 3 ...
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