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bicycle - Bicycle History u Celerifere or Hobby Horse u...

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Unformatted text preview: Bicycle History u Celerifere or Hobby Horse u Draisienne u First Pedal Operated u Velocipede u First Chain Operated u Ordinary u Safety BICYCLES Celerifere Draisienne Baron Karl Drais von Sauerbron u Also Called u Celerite Means Speed u Also Called, By Mistake, u t Hobby Or Dandy Horse t Draisienne t Hobby Horse t Dandy Horse 1818 Dates Back to Late 17th Century u No Steering u Horizontal Wooden Bar With Two Equal Sized Wheels u Propulsion By Running u 1825-1830 First Steerable Bicycle (1817 or 1818) u Propulsion By Running u Wooden Frame, Padded Seat & Arm Rest u 23 Miles, 2.5 Hours, 9.5 MPH u First Pedal-Operated Bicycle Velocipede Pierre Michaux Parisian Locksmith u Conceived 1855 u Boneshaker (1861) u Kirkpatrick Macmillan Blacksmith u Invented 1839 u Curved Wooden Backbone For Saddle & Rider u Iron tire Wooden Wheels & Brass Bearings u Pedal Operated Classical Four-Bar Linkage u u 1865 u t No Springs t Steel Rims 400 Per Year (1865) Production, England (1870) u Pedals On Hub u Kickstand / Prop u Cable Brake u 1863 u 1 Chain Bicycle Ordinary Bicycle u 1870 Also Called t Penny-Farthing u Designed By Andre Guilmet (1869) t Clockmaker u u Separate Pedals & Crank From Hub Steel Spokes t Front Wheel Was Enlarged Built By Meyer (1869) t Mechanic u t Grand-Bi Grand-Bi t Ariel t Increased Speed u Saddle Adapted t Moved Above Wheel 1887 t More Force Applied u Problems t Mounting & Dismounting t Stability Safety Bicycle Bicycles - Mechanical Development u Steel Ball Bearings t Jules Suriray (1869) u Paris Forerunner & Prototype u Equal Sized Front & Rear Wheels u Rear Wheel Driven By Chain & Sprocket u Cycle Show (1869) t Tubular Frames t Wire Spoked Wheels & Solid Rubber tires t Mudguards t Freewheels & Change-Speed Gears u Triangular Tubular Frame (1890s) Tires u Pneumatic t Conceived By Thompson (1845) t Reinvented By J.B. Dunlop (1893) 2 ...
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