blackinnventors - Garrett Augustus Morgan 1877-1963...

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Garrett Augustus Morgan 1877-1963 Timeline • 1877 Garrett Augustus Morgan born • 1895 Morgan moves to Cleveland where he lives for the rest of his life • 1907 Morgan opens own sewing machine company Timeline (continued) • 1909 Morgan opens Tailoring shop lubricant developed invented first hair straightening cream • 1913 The G. A. Morgan Refining Company formed to sell the cream. Still open today Timeline (continued) • 1914 Patented the breathing device later called the gas mask • 1916 Crib number 5, tunnel under lake Erie traps 200 men Morgan and brother use gas mask to save them become hero's • 1923 Patented the traffic signal Timeline (continued) In the 1920’s started a black newspaper called the Cleveland Call. Now called the Cleveland Call and Post, published in Cincinnati and Columbus as well. 1931 Ran unsuccessfully for city coucil. 1956 Patented the de-curling comb 1963 Died after long illness Gas Mask Mask had 2 tubes one to exhale one to inhale air from the floor where there was the least amount of smoke. Tube close to floor wetted to allow cool air and
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blackinnventors - Garrett Augustus Morgan 1877-1963...

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