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flight4 - Jet Propulsion u Reaction t Hero Of Alexandria...

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Unformatted text preview: Jet Propulsion u Reaction t Hero Of Alexandria - 3rd Century BC u Steam u t Publsihed - 1932 u t British Inventor - John Barber (1791) t First Patent Biplane First Engine t Development - 1935/6 t Test - 1939 Turbine u Jet-Propelled Patent - 1930 t First Practical Form Of Modern Gas Turbine Turbine Development t Italian Engineer - Giovanni Branca (1629) t Steam Jet Against Turbine Wheel u Gas Frank Whittle - Britain Engine t W-1 Turbojet Engine t Shipped To US u t French Scientist - Henri Marie Coanda t Took Off And Flew Under Own Power First Flight - May 15, 1941 t Gloster E.28/38 t Shipped To US u National A & S Museum u Hans von Ohain’ First Flight Hans Pabst von Ohain - Germany Better Climate In Germany Better Engine Than Whittle’s u First Flight - August 27, 1939 u National Air & Space Museum u German WW II Jets t HeS 3b Engine In He 178 Plane t 360 mph u t Engine w w u ME 262 t Twin Engine t 1944 t 525 mph At 40,000 feet u Arado Ar 234 Bomber u All Destroyed By Allied Bombers t Four Jet Engines Jet Engines Bell XS-1 Speed Of Sound Rocket Powered u October 14, 1947 u Chuck Yeager u Freak Machine u u t Non Swept Wings 1 Jet Airliners u t British De Havilland Comet I t First Flight - 1949, Service - 1952 t Structural Difficiencies - Withdrawn From Service 1954 u Historical Events First Jet-Powered Airliner Boeing 707 - 1958 t Over 1000 Built t Mach 0.82 At 30,000 feet u First Free Flight By Humans t Montgolfiere Balloon - 1783 u First Powered Flight t Orville Wright - December 17, 1903 u Flew English Channel t Louis Bleriot - July 25, 1909 u First Successful Helicopter Flights t Heinrich Focke - 1936 t Igor Sikorsky - 1939 Historical Events u First Military Operations t Italo-Turkish War - 1911/12 Italo-Turkish u World War I t Germany - 300 Planes t England - 100 Planes t First Aerial Bombardment w Historical Events u Crossing Atlantic - Newfoundland To Galway t Alcock & Brown - 1919 u Crossing Atlantic - New York To Paris t Charles Lindburg “Spirit Of St. Louis” - 1927 u Round The World t American Douglas - 1924 u North Pole (South) t Richard Byrd - 1926 (1929) u Hindenburg Disaster t Lakehurst - May 6, 1937 Historical Events u World War II t Whittle & Ohain - Jet Engine u Sound Sound Barrier t Chuck Yeager “Bell XS-1” - October 14, 1947 u Mach 1 - Level Flight t North American F-100 - 1953 u Mach 2 - Level Flight t Lockheed F-104 - 1958 u Mach 1 - Level Flight t Lockheed A-11 - 1963 2 ...
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