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Unformatted text preview: Robert Goddard Rockets & Spaceflight u Black Powder Rockets t Chinese - Sung Dyansty (960-1276 AD) ???? t Sir William Congreave American Physicist First Successful Liquid-Fuel Rocket u March 16, 1929 u Very Secretive u w w u t Stability - Stabilizing Stock t Dangerous t Poor Accuracy t Harpooning Whales u Jules Verne & H.G. Wells German Rockets u US Versus USSR Pulse Jet t Described - 1909 u Greatest t Patent - 1931 w t German V-1 - “Buzz Bomb” u US t von Braun’s Scientists Surrendered To Allies t Peenemunde Technical Archives t V-2 Hardware w w u German V-2 (Shown) t Werner von Braun t First Flight -1944 t 1100 Hit England u USSR t Occupied Peenemunde t V-2 Production Plants t V-2 Technicians t Liquid Fuel Rocket t Allied Bombers (200:1) u New York ?????? Prize Of WW II t German Rocket Technology u US USSR Space Milestones Won US Space Milestones u u First Satellite - Sputnik I t October 4, 1957 u First Man In Space t April 12, 1961 u u First In Space - Alan Shepard u u First To Orbit - John Glenn (1962) First Spacewalk u Disaster - January 1967 u First Man On Moon - Apollo 11 t December 6, 1957 t Gemini - 1965, 1966 First Woman In Space t June 16, 1963 u Vanguard Destroyed - Public View t Grissom, White, Chafee Grissom, Disaster - April 1967 t Re-Entry u Salyut 6 - 1980 t Refueled By “Progress t Neil Armstrong t Saturn V Salyut I - 1971 u u u Firrst Shuttle Flight - April 1981 Disaster - January 1986 t Challenger 1 ...
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