franklin - society Glass Armonica • Invented in 1761 •...

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Benjamin Franklin • Born in Boston, Mass. On January 17,1706 • Grew up in this house on Milk St. Background • At age 12 he was an apprentice to his father who was a candle maker • At age 14 he was an apprentice to his brother who was a printer • At 17 he moved to Philadelphia • Married Deborah Reed on Oct. 1, 1730 Major inventions • Lightning Rod • Bifocals • Odometer • Glass Armonica • Franklin Stove • Catheter Lightning Rod • One of Franklin’s major works in electricity • Vital to society and science • Used to protect buildings and homes against the awesome power of lightning • Composed of an iron rod mounted on top of a edifice • Attracts lightning currents and channels it to the ground Bifocals • Perfect example of one of Ben’s famous quotes “Necessity is the mother of invention” • Allows user to use one set of glasses for myopic and hyperopic vision handicaps Odometer • Designed to measure distance by using gears • Very important and useful in today’s
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Unformatted text preview: society Glass Armonica • Invented in 1761 • One of the most celebrated musical instruments of the 18th century • Sound is produced by vibrations from the glasses in the armonica Franklin Stove • An iron stove used to produce heat in homes then were ten poorly insulated • Very important because it replaced the use of fires in homes that were made of all wood Catheter • Invented in December of 1752 • Thin flexible tube • It is inserted into bodily passage or cavity in order to allow fluids to pass into or out of • mechanism was constructed for his brother john, who was extremely ill Interesting facts • At age 16 Ben experimented vegetarianism to save money to buy more books • At age 70 Ben was the oldest delegate to sign the Declaration of Independence • In 1778 Ben was so impressed by a bust of himself that was sculpted by Jean Antoine Houdon he invited Houdon to the states to sculpt a similar one of George Washington...
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franklin - society Glass Armonica • Invented in 1761 •...

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