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iceng2 - English Daimler Company Manufacturing Of Cars(1897...

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Unformatted text preview: English Daimler Company Manufacturing Of Cars (1897) u Phoenix- Daimler (1897) u t V-Twin Type t 2 Vertical Single Cylinder t 6 hp t Float Feed Daimler (1899) Used On Peugeot Till 1902 Float Feed u Hot Tube Ignition u Cam & Roller Adjustment of Valve Spring Tension u Water Cooled u u t Common Crankshaft w t Used Till 1901 u Four-Cylinder (1899) Gordon-Brille Gordon- Brille Car Engine (1899) Lanchester (1897) u u Overcame Balancing Problem Two Crankshafts 4 Cylinders Opposed Cylinders u Single Crankshaft u 800 rpm u u Wick Carburettor Lanchester (1897) Advantages Over Surface And Float Feed u Disadvantages u u t Controling Mixture 1 ...
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