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invent1 - Inventors A from A to Z and their Messrs Appleby...

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Unformatted text preview: Inventors A from A to Z and their Messrs. Appleby, Ltd. Messrs. Appleby, Ltd. Archimedes Kunitaka Aimura William Armstrong Inventions Messrs. Appleby, Inc. Messrs. Appleby, Built in 1908 Connalls Storing Yards • Middlesborough, England Middlesborough, Revolving Crane on Rails • 40 ft. high Lift and Stack Pig Iron Powered by Electricity Became Popular in 1950’s Tower Crane B John Bardeeen, Walter Brattain, Bardeeen, Brattain, William Shockley James Barron Robert Barron Alexander Graham Bell Karl Benz Hubert Booth E. Bourdon Joeseph Bramah R. W. Brownhills Edwin Budding C 1 ...
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