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Unformatted text preview: Inventors A from A to Z and their from Messrs. Appleby, Ltd. Messrs. Appleby, Ltd. Archimedes Kunitaka Aimura William Armstrong Inventions Tower Crane Construction Auger B Smart Card Hydroelectric Turbine John Bardeeen, Walter Brattain, Bardeeen, Brattain, William Shockley James Barron Robert Barron Alexander Graham Bell Karl Benz Hubert Booth E. Bourdon Joeseph Bramah R. W. Brownhills Edwin Budding Amplifier Amplifier Loudspeaker Microphone Vacuum Cleaner Window Shade Lever Lock Telephone Car Cooling System Car Suspension Bourdon Guage Cylinder Lock Hydraulic Lift C Coin Tester Lawn Mower Lawn Photocopier Air Conditioner Differential Kite Starting Gun Chester Carlson Willis Carrier George Cayley Chinese Georges Claude Christopher Cockerell W. Cockran Professor LeCour Jacques Cousteau Bartolomeo Cristofori Ctesibius Airliner Wing Flourescent Lamp Hovercraft Hovercraft SCUBA Dishwasher Wind Turbine Grand Piano Piston Pump ...
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