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invent3 - D George Devol James Dewar Ian Donald Dover...

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Unformatted text preview: D George Devol James Dewar Ian Donald Dover Stamping Company Cornelious Drebbel Robots Ultrasound Scanner E Egg Beater Vacuum Flask Submarine Thomas Alva Edison Egyptians Souglas Engelhart M. Engelbart Record Player 1 Percussion Instruments F Scales Sailboat String Instruments Mouse Michael Faraday Wilhelm Fein Sebastian Ziani De Ferrante Gerhard Fisher Enrico Forlanini Jean Foucault A. Fouineteau William Friese Greene Benjamin Franklin Calvin Fuller, Daryl Chapin, Chapin, Gerald Pearson Power Drill Power Station Photo Booth Electric Generator Metal Detector Transformer Hydrofoil 2 Gyroscope Lightning Conductor Movie Camera Salad Spinner Movie Projector Solar Cell 3 ...
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