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Unformatted text preview: Steve Steve & Apple Steve & Apple b b b b b b Born Steve Paul Los Altos, Ca. In 1955 dropped-out from Reed College met Steven Wozniak while working for HP worked at Atari started Apple in 1976 Steve & Apple b b b b b b 1976 Apple I started Apple out of family garage started with $1,300 sold Apple I for $666 made them $774,000 1st with video interface Steve & Apple b b b b b b 1977 Apple II sold for $1,298 sold until 1980 16,000 software titles interface with color monitor “VW of computers” Steve & Apple b b b b b b 1983 LISA 1st with mouse sold for $2,495 fastest of its time named after developers daughters renamed in 1985 to Mac XL Steve & Apple b b b b b 1984 Macintosh premieres in SuperBowl commercial 128k RAM 32-Bit CPU faster & stronger than IBM PCs b b b b Leaves Apple in the late 80’s forms NextStep offers superior software forms Pixar, does Disney movie TOYSTORY Steve Steve & Apple Steve & Apple b b b b b Returns to troubled Apple as CEO in 1996 complete reform new advertising campaign new models new way of thinking Steve & Apple b b b b b b 1998 iMac computer of the millennium supports USB going to sell for$1,299 premieres in August “Mac is back” b b b b Released new Mac models known as G3 they out-performed Wintel systems released PowerBook G3 with DVD has unpresented sales since release ...
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