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light1 - Outline ELECTRICAL LIGHTING u Early Developments u...

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Unformatted text preview: Outline ELECTRICAL LIGHTING u Early Developments u Arc-Light u Incandescent Early Developments Early Developments (Continued) u u Incandescent Metallic Filaments de la Rue (1820) Previously t Coal Gas t Wax Candles t Short Life In Air - Oxidation t Oxygen-Free Environment u Filament Lamp t Fish-Tail u t Partial Vacuum t Platinum - Melt & Glow At Close Temperatures W. E. Staite (Mid 1840s) t Platino -Iridium Alloy Filament t Disintigrated u Lecture 1847 t Joseph Swan Was In Audience Arc-Light u Arc-Light (Continued) Staite (1847) t Carbon Arc t Automatic Feed t “Pyrometric Principle” w w t Heat Generated w w w t 1853 - Shown t Limited By Daniell Cells Of Time w 1 Arc-Light (Continued) u Duboscq (1858) t Regulator t Used In Lighthouse By Holmes u Regulator Arc-Light (Continued) u Crompton (1881) t Indirect Lighting t Bulb t Steady Voltage t Controlled Advance Of Electrode Arc-Light (Continued) u Jablochkoff (1876) t “Electric Candle” t Parallel Carbon Electrodes w t Used AC 2 ...
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