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Open-Ended Engineering Design Project I EGN 4930 - Foundations of Engineering (Fall 1999) Goal/Purpose Apply some of the fundamentals of engineering to a group design project. Objectives Design a mechanism to climb a pole. Specifically, the mechanism should be designed to climb a 1/2 inch conduit pipe 6 feet high. Note that 1/2 inch conduit pipe does not have an outer diameter of 1/2 inch. The pipe will be made available to you in EMB 100. The mechanism should also be designed by keeping in mind the following criteria: reliability of mechanism, aesthetics, creativity, and cost effectiveness. Constraints The following constraints are imposed upon the design: Only 10 rubber bands can be used to supply all energy to the mechanism for climbing the pole. In other words, no other energy source may be used. The rubber bands should be a size 64 (e.g., Alliance Advantage Rubber Bands Size 64 sold in a pack of 100). The power supply (i.e., rubber bands) must be self-contained on the
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