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Open-Ended Engineering Design Project EGN 4930 - Foundations of Engineering (Spring 2000) Goal/Purpose Apply some of the fundamentals of engineering to a group design project similar to one that a design engineer might undertake. Objectives Design a mechanism to traverse a 10 foot long horizontal pipe carrying as many uncooked eggs (without cracking or breaking) as possible in the shortest amount of time (see Figure below). The horizontal pipe will be available to you for preliminary trials after spring break (place will be determined). The mechanism will be judged based on the following performance formula: Performance = 100 X N / T where P is the performance function, N is the number of uncracked and/or unbroken eggs carried, and T is the time in seconds. The mechanism should also be designed by keeping in mind the following criteria: reliability of mechanism, aesthetics, creativity, and cost effectiveness. Constraints
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