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Open-Ended Engineering Experimental Project I EGN 4930 - Foundations of Engineering (Spring 2000) Goal/Purpose Apply some of the fundamentals of engineering to a group experimental project similar to an experiment that a quality engineer would perform at a manufacturing plant to determine the quality of their product. Objective Perform an experiment to evaluate the rebound height and time between bounces of tennis balls. Each group will test tennis balls from two different manufacturers (the tennis balls will be provided to each group). The experiments will be performed under different environmental conditions (6), that is, New (out of the package), Heated (placed in oven for specified time), Cooled (placed in freezer for specified time), Punctured, Wet (soaked in water for specified time), and Sixth condition at each group's discretion (e.g., heated then cooled). Each group will be responsible for developing an experimental set-up such that data can be accurately
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