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1 ft. 9 ft. Open-Ended Engineering Design Project EGN 3000 - Foundations of Engineering (Fall 2000) Goal/Purpose Apply some of the fundamentals of engineering (i.e., creativity, conceptualization, and design synthesis, to name a few) to a group design project similar to one that a design engineer in industry might undertake, albeit, much more fun. Objectives In response to the excitement generated by the Australian 2000 Olympics, your team is charged with developing five exciting new Upside Down Under Olympic Events that will capture the imagination and pocket books of sports crazy populations everywhere. These Upside Down Under (Reversed, Inside Out, Backwards, and/or Orthoganaly Displaced) events will be based on Olympic Events, but changed to fit the craze for Down Under athletic events. The Sports Complex will be laid out in pentagon fashion as indicated in the diagram provided. Play may proceed in any sequential order between the five team members located at these corners. Action begins when the faculty official signals for two athletes to start in the playing device of the first team member. Note that when an event is designed, two identical events should be fabricated - one for each athlete. The athletes (balls) will then compete by traveling from event to event around the course one time within 4 minutes. Each leg of the course, with a team member at each end, will represent one Upside Down Under athletic
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old5(1) - Open-Ended Engineering Design Project EGN 3000...

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