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Blaise Pascal 1623 - 1662 • Father of Modern Calculators • Pascal’s works in Mathimatics • Pascal’s works in Physics • Pascal’s works in Philosophy Blaise Pascal 1623 - 1662 Born at Clerment-Ferrand in June 19, 1623. Mother died when Pascal was three years old. Brought up by two sisters: Gilberte, author of an excellent biography on Pascal, and Jacqueline, who competed with Pascal as a child prodigy. Died at the age of 39 in intense pain from cancer. In one of his most famous books, he says: “If God does not exist, one stands to lose nothing by believing in him anyway, whereas if he does exist, one stands to lose everything by not believing,” which is said to be his motto. Blaise Pascal 1623 - 1662
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Unformatted text preview: • Father of modern Calculators • Built for Etienne Pascal, his father a accountant for the King of France • Built in 1639 • Prove to society that human brain power can be artificially produced by machine Blaise Pascal 1623 - 1662 • Pascal’s Theorem which deals with conic section • In 1640, wrote Essay on Conic Section • Helped laid down the principles of the Theroy of Probability Blaise Pascal 1623 - 1662 • Pascal’s Law: states that in a fluid at rest, the pressure on any surface exerts a force perpendicular to the surface and independent of the direction of orientation of the surface. • In 1647, Pascal published New Experiments Concerning the Void....
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