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Unformatted text preview: Water Turbines u Primarily in France u Types Scoop Wheel u Small Installations on Creeks Wheel - Vertical Axis u Horizontal t Scoop Wheel t Tub Wheel t Reaction Wheel t Turbines t Millstone u High Speed w w Spoon (scoop) Wheel Tub Wheels u Large Installations on Rivers and Dams Small Fall & Large Volume u Wood Wheel with Helicoidal Paddles u Flume Generally Narrowed u Totally immersed in Water u Efficiency - 25 % u Required Tub Wheel Reaction Wheel u Barker (1740s) u Euler (1754) t Top Drum Stationary - Reservoir w t Conical Drum with Tubes Rotates w u Mannoury d’Ectot t Water Input From Bottom t Never Built (1807) 1 Barker’s Water Engine (Early 18th Century) Euler’s Wheel (1754) Mannoury d’Ectot’s Wheel Hydraulic Lever (1807) Burdin (1820s) u Water Wheel t Based on Euler’s Work t Stationary Reservoir t Inclined Nozzles - Alternating t Efficiency - 67% u Water Turbine t Stationary Reservoir & Revolving Casing t Guide Vanes on Reservoir & Rotor t Functions while Submerged t No Loss of Head Burdin’s Wheel (Before 1827) Burdin’s Turbine - Revolving Ring (1827) 2 Fourneyron u Studied Fourneyron’s Turbine (1832) Under Burdin u Societe d’Encouragement Award u Industrial Applications u Crank Controlled Sluice t Variable Flow u Efficiency - 70% Fourneyron’s Turbine Used in Industry Fontaine-Baron Fontaine -Baron u Stationary Reservoir Rotor u Complicated Sluice Device u Lower t Varied Height of Vanes u Later Brass Vanes Deflected Depending on Water Force Fontaine-Baron’s Fontaine -Baron’s Axial Turbine (1840) Blades in Fontaine -Baron Turbine 3 JonvalJonval- Koechlin u Opposite JonvalJonval-Koechlin’s Reaction Turbine of Fourneyron and Fontaine t Rotor Above Stationary t Flowrate Through Turbine Constant u Turbine in Necked Down Conduit Gate at Tailrace u Turbine Placed Anywhere in Fall Without Losing Power u Later a Diffuser Was Added to Recover Lost Power u Sluice JonvalJonval-Koechlin’s Reaction Turbine 4 ...
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