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Unformatted text preview: The Steam Engine u Pre-Steam u Boilers u Atmospheric Engine u Condensing Engine u Double-Acting Engine Pre-Steam u Hero of Alexandria t 1st Century AD t Described Boiler and Reaction Turbine t No Suggestion for Useful Application of Device u 16th Century - Descriptive Publications Century - Beginning of Steam’s Practical Usage u 17th Hero’s Engine Boilers - Types u Shell (1720s) t Kettle on Stove t Inefficient - Loss of Heat u Heat Tube (1750s) t Tredgold - London u Fire Tube (1750s) t Limited in Capacity and Pressure t Susceptible to Explosions t Smeaton t Trevithick (1804) - 65 psi , 25 inch bore, 10 ft stroke psi, Boilers - Types (continued) u Water Tube (1770s) t Blakey (1766) - First Built t Rumsey (1788) - First Successful t John Stevens - Lawyer (1800s) w u Improved Water Tube (1850s) t Wilcox (1856) w w Boilers - Construction u Materials t Copper t Cast Iron t Rolled Iron Plates - 5/16” (1795) t Steel u Fabrication t Bolts & Rivets t Welding w t Babcock & Wilcox (1866) 1 Boilers - Explosions Haycock’s Shell Boiler (1720) u Poor Materials Pressure u Pressure Release u Theoretical Considerations u Fabrication Techniques - Rivets u High Heat Input u Poor Distribution of Heat u Direct Heating u Poor Circulation u High Tredgold’s Heat Tube (1750) Blakey’s Water Tube Boiler (1766) Smeaton’s Fire Tube Boiler (1770) Wagon - Shell Boiler (1769) 2 Steven’s Water Tube Boiler (1803) Trevithick’s Fire Tube Boiler (1804) Stevens - Water Tube Boiler (1805) Stephen Wilcox (1856) Babcock & Wilcox (1867) Babcock & Wilcox (1887) 3 ...
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