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power4 - Atmospheric Engine u Hero Aeolipile u Papin(1690 u...

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Unformatted text preview: Atmospheric Engine u Hero - Aeolipile u Papin (1690) u Savery (1698) u Newcomen (1711) u Smeaton (1760 -1780) Steam Engine - History u Papin (1690) t Piston t Published (1695) u Savery (1698) t Miner’s Friend t Actually a Vacuum Pump General Progression Papin’s Engine (1690) Savery’s Pump (1698) Newcomen’s Engine (1705) 1 Savery’s Engine (1700) Newcomen’s Engine Newcomen’s Engine Newcomen’s Engine Smeaton’s Engine (1775) Condensing Engine u James Watt t Reverse Process of Newcomen t Piston Seal Development t Steam w w t Take Steam out of Piston, then Condense t Condenser Separate from Cylinder t Condensing Engine - Watt (Patent - 1769) 2 General Progression James Watt - Experiment (1770s) James Watt (1788) 3 ...
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