qfd - 1 University of South Florida 1 Quality Function...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 University of South Florida 1 Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Outline l Introduction l QFD Team l Benefits Of QFD l Voice Of The Customer l House Of Quality l Building A House Of Quality l QFD Process l Summary Introduction l Dr. Mizuno, Prof. Emeritus l Mitsubishi Heavy Industries l Kobe Shipyards, 1972 l Toyota Minivans (1977 Base) l 1979 - 20% Reduction In Start-Up Costs l 1982 - 38% l 1984 - 61% l Dr. Clausing, Xerox, 1984 l Any Manufacturing Or Service Industry QFD Team l Significant Amount Of Time l Communication l Two Types Of Teams l New Product l Improve Existing Product l Marketing, Design, Quality, Finance, Production, Etc. Benefits Of QFD l Customer Driven l Reduces Implementation Time l Promotes Teamwork l Provides Documentation Customer Driven l Creates Focus On Customer Requirements l Uses Competitive Information Effectively l Prioritizes Resources l Identifies Items That Can Be Acted On l Structures Resident Experience/Information 2 University of South Florida 2 Reduces Implementation Time l Decreases Midstream Design Change l Limits Post Introduction Problems l Avoids Future Development Redundancies l Identifies Future Application Opportunities l Surfaces Missing Assumptions Promotes Teamwork l Based On Consensus l Creates Communication At Interfaces l Identifies Actions At Interfaces l Creates Global View-Out Of Details Provides Documentation l Documents Rationale For Design l Is Easy To Assimilate l Adds Structure To The Information l Adapts To Changes (Living Document) l Provides Framework For Sensitivity Analysis Voice Of The Customer l Driving Force Behind QFD l Customer Dictates Attributes Of Product l Customer Satisfaction l Meeting Or Exceeding Customer Expectations l Customer Expectations Can Be Vague & General In Nature l Customer Expectations Must Be Taken Literally, Not Translated Into What The...
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qfd - 1 University of South Florida 1 Quality Function...

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