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Unformatted text preview: •Road Transport u Carriage Wheel Composition Construction u Public Transport u Steam Powered Vehicles u 19th Century Experiments u Pecqueur & Dietz u Prejudices & Controls u Steam Powered Automobiles u Vehicle ROAD TRANSPORT •Carriage Wheel Composition Around 1820 Ball Bearings u Banding of Felly With Nailed Banks Of Iron u u •Mail Carriage Carriage Developments Were Influenced By Iron Industry (1800 - 1825) u Single Spring Suspension u t Long Continuous Strips Of Rolled Iron t Thermal Expansion u New Banding u t Continuous Strip Welded & Then Shrunk 1820 - 1830 Long Solid Wrought Iron Shaft •Light Calash •London Livery Carriage Brougham (1851) Around 1830s Double Suspension u Jones Brothers u u t Carriage Makers (Brussels) u Long Continuous Strips Of Iron For Wheels 1 •Parcel-Carrying Stagecoach •Omnibus Passengers & Mail Between 1825 - 1850 u Replaced Old, Heavy, Slow Coaches u Primarily Rural u u u u Paris (1828) 22 Seats t 12 Inside t 10 On Top u Primarily Urban •Joseph Cugnot First Successful Steam Powered Wagon u In Service (1770) u Two Opposing Atmospheric Engines u Reverse Arrangement u No Condensation u Double Ratchet System u t Controlled Valves t Controlled Propulsion •Joseph Cugnot Engine, Firebox, & Boiler At Front u Steering At Center u Unstable u t 3 Wheel t Single King Bolt Historically Important u Carried Military Loads u t Contract (1771) u •Murdock’s Steam Carriage •Trevithick’s Steam Carriage u Conceived 1784 u Didn’t Pursue Construction Due To Advances Of Watt u Unique Design Richard Trevithick t Tested High-Pressure Engine (1797/98) u t Cylinder In Boiler Musee du Conservatoire national des Arts et Metiers t Vertical Cylinder In Boiler u Trevithick & Vivian (1802) t Horizontal Cylinder In Boiler t Separate Driver t Heavy Vehicle - No Suspension t Adapted To Railroad 2 •Onesiphore Pecqueur u u Patent - France (1828) Differential Gear t Solved Turning Problem Not Applied Till Gasoline Powered Automobiles u Similar Patents In England •Charles Dietz u u t Two Oscillating Cylinders u t Elastic Material On Wheels t Jointed Rim u w u •Prejudices & Controls u House Trial Runs t Paris, Versailles, Saint Germain t Hanson (1830) t Richard Roberts (1832) Great Pioneer Patent - France (1835/36) Regular Service (1834) •Highway Locomobile of Commons Committee (1831) t Limited Use On Roads t Steam Vehicles (10-20 MPH), Horse (2 MPH) u Locomotive Act (1861) t Limited Speeds (10 MPH Highways, 5 MPH Cities) t 2 Operators, No Smoke u Red Flag Act (1865) t Limited Speeds (4 MPH Highways, 2 MPH Cities) t 3 Operators Cail (1857) Tubular Boiler & Condenser u Agricultural Machines & Heavy Loads u Strictly Regulated u u u Fears t Boilers Exploding, Noise, Soot, Accidents •Steam Powered Automobile u Developments t Boilers t High Pressure t Died Due To Petroleum La Mancelle (1881) u Frequently Built u Arrangement u t Boiler - Rear t Engine - Front u Differential 3 ...
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