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Unformatted text preview: Engineering Wonders Of The World ENGINEERING WONDERS OF THE WORLD u Bridges u Tunnels u Dams u Canals u Hydroelectric u Architecture Bridges Caisson u Caisson u Forth Bridge u Clifton Bridge u Brooklyn Bridge u Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Verrazanou London Tower Bridge u Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Bridge- Watertight Chamber Excavation u Brooklyn Bridge u Caisson’s Disease u u Forth Bridge Forth Bridge u “Most Famous Bridge In The World” - Scotland Over Firth At Forth u Cantilever Bridge u Railway Bridge t Quebec Bridge (1917) - 1800 feet Span u Two Main Spans t 1710 feet Each u Total Length - Greater Than 1 mile u Erected 1882 To 1890 u Sir John Fowler & Sir Benjamin Baker 1 Clifton Bridge Brooklyn Bridge Suspension Bridge - Developed Mid 1800s u Clifton Bridge - Bristol, England u Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn & Manhattan 1869 To 1883 u Suspension Bridge VerrazanoVerrazano-Narrows Bridge u Connects u Erected t Longest In World 1883 t Main Suspension Span - 1595 feet t Total Length - 6775 feet Connects Long & Staten Island u Entrance To New York Harbor u Suspension Bridge u t Main Span - 4260 feet u Designer - John August Roebling u Construction - Washington August Roebling u Wire Cable, Wire Wrapping & Caissons Suspension Bridges u Schuylkill River, Philadelphia (1816) t First Wire Cable u Ohio River, Wheeling (1846) - 1010 feet t Roebling u Brooklyn (1883) - 1595 feet u George Washington (1931) - 3500 feet u Golden Gate (1937) - 4200 feet u Makinac (1958) - 3800 feet u Verrazano-Narrows (1964) - 4260 feet Verrazanou Humber Estuary, England (1980) - 4626 feet 2 ...
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