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wonders2 - London Tower Bridge Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel...

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Unformatted text preview: London Tower Bridge Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Total Length - 17.5 miles u Two Mile-Long Tunnels u Aircraft Carriers, Tankers, Etc. u First Moveable Bridge Across Thames u 1894 u Span - 800 feet u Tunnels u Orwigsburg (1821) - Auburn, Penn t 450 feet - First In US u Mont Cenis (1871) - France To Italy t 8.5 miles - First Railroad Tunnel u Simplon (1922) - Switzerland To Italy t 12.3 miles - “Most Famous In World” u New York Tunnels t Holland (1927), Lincoln (37,45,57) u Channel Tunnel (1993 ?) Dams u Types t Gravity, Arch, Butress, Embankment Butress, t Combined Types u Egypt - 4000 BC t Nile River - City of Memphis u Grand Coulee Dam u Hoover Dam u Aswan High Dam t 21 miles Grand Coulee Dam (1933-42) Washington Lead States in Hydroelectric Power u Gravity Dam - Columbia River u t 550 feet High, 4172 feet Long u 6.5 Million kW by 1980 1 ...
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