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Unformatted text preview: Hoover Dam (1936) Aswan High Dam u Erected 1960 - 1968 u Across Nile Near Aswan - Lake Nasser u Soviet Sponsored u 365 feet High, 3280 feet Long u 2100 MW Capacity Also Called Boulder Dam u Arch & Gravity Dam u 726 feet High, 1244 feet Long u Colorado River u Lake Mead u Canals u Grand Canal Of China u Erie Canal u Suez Canal u Panama Canal Grand Canal Of china Began - 6th Century BC Completed - 1327 u Tianjin City To Hangzhou u Still In Use u 1107 miles Long u u Erie Canal Suez Canal u Connects u Lake Erie To Hudson River u Began - 1817 u Completed - 1825 u 363 miles Long, 40 feet Wide, 4 feet Deep u Main Use - Grain From The Midwest To NYC u Today - St. Lawrence Seaway t Little Used Mediterranean To Gulf of Suez (Indian Ocean) u Origins - 13th Century BC t Egyptians t Nile Delta To Gulf Of Suez u Began - 1859 - 1869 u Length - 101 miles, Depth - 53 feet u Completed t Ships - Aircraft Carriers, Limited Tankers u No Locks 1 Panama Canal Panama Canal u “Greatest Engineering Work Ever” u Connects Carribean Sea To Pacific Ocean u Began - 1905 u Completed - 1914 u 40 miles Long, 41 feet Deep u 3 Locks Up 85 Feet To Lake Gatun u Difficulties - Excavation, Slides, Disease u Panama Owns, US Defends 2 ...
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