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wonders4 - Hydroelectric Power Niagara Falls u Niagara...

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Unformatted text preview: Hydroelectric Power Niagara Falls u Niagara Falls u Tennessee Valley Authority Niagara Falls Tennessee Valley Authority u Created 1933 Major Dams u Knoxville To Paducah (Ohio River) u 100 Billion kwh Annually u Oak Ridge National Laboratory 200,000 ft3 per second per u Steep Drop - 160 feet u First Hydroelectric Generator (1881) u Flowrate - u 33 t Who ??????? u Large u Today Scale Hydroelectric Generator (1896) - US & Canadian t Tokamak Facility t 4,200,000 kW t Located 4 miles Below Falls - Diverted Water Egyptian Pyramids (Seven Wonders Of the World) Architecture u Built 2700 BC To 1000 BC Primarily u Great Pyramid u u Pyramids u Great Wall Of China u Statue of Liberty t Giza Near Cairo t 481 feet High t 756 feet Wide 1 Great Wall Of China Statue Of Liberty u Protection From Raids By Nomads u Began - 221 BC u Completed - 204 BC u Later Extended u Length - 1500 miles u Height - 25 feet u Only 100 miles Still Intact u Given By France To US (1886) t Commemorates Centenial French Sculptor - Bartholdi u Copper Sheats On An Iron Framework u 307 feet High u Became Symbol Of Freedom u 2 ...
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