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NY 2073 Global Wanning: Science and Politics of a Contemporary Issue Fall 2009 Exam #1 University of South Florida Prof l.A. Cunningham Instructions: I. You may read these instructions, but 0 not tum the page or begin working until instructed to do so. 2. This exam contains four questions. nswer question I OR question 2. Then answer both question 3 AND question 4. 3. The total number of points possible is 100. The point value of each question is indicated. 4. Answer each question on your own aper or in a "blue book." Make sure your name is indicated clearly. Staple your pages t gether if you use loose-leaf paper. 5. Write legibly. I can't award you credi for something that I can't read. 6. You are allowed to use your class n tes, books that are indicated on the course syllabus, and/or materials that I posted for the c ass on Blackboard. Other materials are not allowed. 7. Laptop computers and other electro ic devices are not allowed. Please turn OFF your telephone and all other other devices t at might disturb or disrupt the exam. 8. Time limit: 70 minutes. Stop workin when asked. If you continue working after time has been called, you will be penalized at a rate of 1 point per minute.
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ENV2073_f09_exam1 - N Y 2 073 Global W anning: S cience a...

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