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p. 1/1 ENV 4001: E NVIRONMENTAL S YSTEMS E NGINEERING Spring 2010 University of South Florida Homework #10 Civil & Environmental Eng. Due: Wednesday, Apr. 14 Prof. J. A. Cunningham Each homework assignment will be graded on a 100-point scale. Point values for this assignment are indicated for each question. 1. a. (10 pts) Define or describe primary standards and secondary standards as defined by the Clean Air Act. Compare these to primary and secondary standards for drinking water as defined under the Safe Drinking Water Act. How are they conceptually similar? In what important respect(s) are they different? (…besides the obvious difference that one is for air and one is for water) b. (10 pts) As of 2008, there is a new National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ground- level ozone. What is the new standard, and how does this compare to the previous standard? Is the Tampa region likely to be affected by the new standard? The new standard has caused some controversy; why? (You will need to dig around a little to
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