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p. 1/3 ENV 4001: E NVIRONMENTAL S YSTEMS E NGINEERING Spring 2011 University of South Florida Homework #10 Civil & Environmental Eng. Due: Friday, Apr. 22 – no late assignments accepted Prof. J.A. Cunningham Each homework assignment will be graded on a 100-point scale. Point values for this assignment are indicated for each question. 1. (20 pts) Imagine that you are designing a new landfill for a population of 24,000 people. The area you have available is 400 m long by 200 m wide. For reasons of slope stability, you need to build your landfill with a slope (horizontal:vertical) of 2.6. The maximum height of the landfill is 15 m. a. (5 pts) Use equation 13.8 in your text to estimate the available volume of the landfill. b. (5 pts) If you ignore the volume of daily cover, how long (in years) would this landfill last? Assume a density of compacted waste equal to 480 kg/m 3 . (This is a relatively conservative estimate because the weight of the waste will cause additional compaction, so after a while, the density will actually be greater than 480 kg/m 3 .) c. (5 pts) Suppose that, when waste is deposited at the landfill, the width of the working face is 20 m, and the daily refuse height in a cell is 2 m. (These are relatively small, but it is a pretty small landfill – only 24,000 people.) The thickness of the daily cover is 15 cm. The density of the compacted waste is 480 kg/m 3 as stated above. Then, what volume of daily cover is required each day? Hint: use equation 13.9 in your text. d. (5 pts) Re-calculate the lifetime of the landfill, this time accounting for the volume of the daily cover. How much time did you “lose” because of the daily cover? 2.
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ENV4001_s11_hw10 - ENV 4001 ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS...

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