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p 1/7 ENV 4001: E NVIRONMENTAL S YSTEMS E NGINEERING Spring 2009 University of South Florida Quiz #3 Civil & Environmental Eng. Thursday, Apr. 23 Prof. J.A. Cunningham Instructions: 1. You may read these instructions, but do not turn the page or begin working until instructed to do so. 2. This quiz contains three questions, each worth 20 points. Pick any two . If you attempt more than two, be sure to indicate clearly which two you want me to grade. In terms of test-taking strategy, you will not have time to complete all three, so you are better off picking two and trying to do a good job on those two. 3. The total number of points possible is 40. 4. Answer each question in the space provided. You can attach additional sheets if you need, but please make sure your name is on each one, so I can give you proper credit. Any additional sheets must be submitted at the same time as the quiz. 5. Partial credit may be awarded for each problem. To maximize your partial credit, show all your work and state your assumptions clearly. 6. You are allowed to use your text book, your course notes, or other printed materials. You may not receive help from another person. 7. A hand-held calculator is recommended. Other electronic devices are not permitted. 8. Time limit: 40 minutes. Stop working when asked. If you continue working after time has been called, you will be penalized at a rate of 1 point per minute. 9. Don’t cheat. Cheating will result in appropriate disciplinary action according to university policy. More importantly, cheating indicates a lack of personal integrity. 10. Please print your name legibly in the space provided below, and turn in this quiz at the end of the period. 11. Hints: Read each question carefully and answer the question that is asked. Watch your units.
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ENV4001_spr09_q3c - ENV 4001 ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS...

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